If your house or property has been damaged or destroyed in a disaster, you may be able to claim under your insurance policy.  Dealing with any damage or loss of property can be daunting and the insurance claims process can be tricky. You may be feeling shock and grief and you may be having trouble understanding information your insurer has given you. Make sure you reach out to your family, friends or support agencies including legal services to help you lodge your insurance claim.

Remember that you always have a right to lodge a claim and to have your refused claim reviewed internally or independently at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority – you have rights even if your insurer doesn’t agree with you. Also, you do not have to accept your insurer’s initial decision about your claim as final and you should not sign any document or accept any offers from your insurer until you understand and agree with what it means.

If you are having trouble with your insurance claim, or you are unsure what to do about your insurance, you can contact us at the Disaster Response Legal Service NSW on 1800 801 529.

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